Dirt Princess Life is more than just travel and adventure, its about stepping away from your routine and embracing a pause in your very busy life and stepping into nature's beauty and encountering a LIVING Creator that is passionate about YOU! Encounter God Through Nature.


Hi! My name is Isa Agape!   After I turned 37 back in May of 2016, I realized I was living in a major comfort zone and decided to let go of everything that felt familiar. First thing I did was leave my 9 to 5, (which was an amazing career by the way). I grabbed my camera and started traveling. 

I had been all over the world prior to this but wanted to see more. Wanted to be more. Desperately needed to rediscover myself. I was feeling overwhelmed with life and I wanted to enjoy life because I know how short it can be. 

There was no better way than to trek to unknown places. And even explore locations that had been on my bucket list for way too long! 

My mission is to show dirt princesses all over the world, and anyone really, that you can travel and you can experience new things. There’s really no better way to grow as a human being than to go to places you’ve never been with people that are like-minded and be outdoors. Cause as the saying goes a life outdoors is a life well-lived! 

So I invite you to come along for the wanderlust, come along for the hikes, and the exploration. Live a life outside of your comforts and inspire others around you!